Order by Mail

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Truekare Order by Mail

The fastest way to order our products is by using our online secure checkout system. However, for those customers that prefer, we provide the option to pay by mail.

Instructions: Print this page and fill in the requested information. Send the completed form with a money order to:

Prodigal Son Ventures Inc.
1582 Gulf Road #654
Point Roberts, WA
USA 98281

Note: We accept money orders only. Please do not send cash in the mail. Please do not send credit card information by mail.


Please fill out this name and address shipping label:

Ship to:


Item and Price
Sub Total
Illinois Res Multiply Sub Total by .08 for sales tax
SHIPPING – To find shipping amount: Add item to Cart and select Calculate Shipping or email Customer Service for help.
Total Enclosed

Thank you from TrueKare!


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